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I had a zoom chat recently with the amazing Rebekah Borucki, founder of   I stumbled upon one of Rebekah’s four-minute meditations on youtube a few months ago.  I watched one on anxiety and it helped.  I then got sucked into the vortex of youtube, checked out a ton of her meditation videos then ended up on   I snooped around and signed up for the Bliss Notes newsletter.  I loved the content.   I connected with it.  There is information from mediation, nutritional information and recipes to a mantra challenge.  I joined her Xen Bliss Community Facebook page too.  Rebekah “Bex” Borucki is one of the most inspiring thought-leaders today because she’s real.  Here is a glimpse into our conversation chock full of inspiring nuggets.

How Bex Got Started

Bex has been blogging since 1999, and made her first youtube video in 2009.  Bex’s initial platform was a fitness platform.  She was a personal trainer and started posting fitness videos online.  Bex posted short, four-minute Tibata workout videos.  Bex discovered a small fitness niche on youtube and started to branch out in the fitness genre. 

How Bex’s work evolved

Bex’s fitness platform evolved to yoga and she became a backup yogi on the show “Rock your Yoga”.   Bex knew she wanted to work with the channel, and seeing everything as an opportunity, she ended up speaking to a producer about her work.  That resulted in getting asked to be a guest on a couple other shows on the channel.  Now, wanting to do something more regular with the channel, but not sure in what capacity, Rebekah, with help from her agent, got a meeting with the vice president from the channel.  That same day (there are no coincidences), there happened to be auditions for an opening for an AM show.  Unprepared and totally winging it, she auditioned and landed “Get Zen”, a meditation and yoga show.  They taped 39 episodes.   Because there was time in between when they wrapped taping to when the show was going to air, Bex decided to do a little promotion.  So in December 2012, Bex morphed the four-minute Tibata videos into four-minute meditation videos (affirmation meditations), which she also posted on her youtube channel.  People LOVED them.  This helped get some exposure in this new meditation niche and would hopefully turn into some viewers for her new show.   This became Bex’s brand; “You Have Four-Minutes For Meditation.”  Bex grew tired of making the workout videos.  They didn’t feel authentic and true to who she was anymore.  Meditation was the path she wanted to take.  It was healing people and it continued to heal her.  In the midst of dealing with her mom’s death, Bex canceled both fitness contracts because doing fitness videos was no longer where her heart was.  

How Meditation Healed

A lot of Bex’s meditations focused on anxiety because she was a longtime sufferer.   After a hospitalization, group home, and a myriad of medications, Bex came across a book, “Be Here Now,“ (that she stole from a book store) and it changed her life at a young age.  Bex always had a vision for her life, and this book got her started on her spiritual path at the age of 15.  She went off all medication and started searching for a different way.  She started meditating and praying.  Years later after a divorce from her abusive husband, Bex was trying to manage her anxiety and depression and she was white knuckling it.  In searching for alternative practices to help manage her anxiety, Bex started taking short breaks where she would use mantras to help her cope with whatever she going through.  Her mediations helped her to navigate through life (feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fat, whatever).   These short breaks didn’t change the reality of what was going on, but helped her cope with the reality of what she was going through.  This is how Bex meditated… short, mantra/prayer-based meditation.  So when the time was right to share her mediations with the world, when she was promoting “Get Zen,” she did what she had always done.  She started videoing herself mediating and her “You Have Four Minutes for Meditation” series was born. 

Upcoming Book

Bex initially started her journey to being an author by writing a memoir.  In discussing it with her agent, they decided people didn’t want the story; they wanted the tool…... The tool that Bex used to heal herself.   And that became the foundation of the book.  Bex’s upcoming book consists of 27 different mediations, organized into 9 different chapters and each chapter has a story of how the meditation came to be.  “You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life,” is coming out Feb 28, 2017.  You can pre-order it here:

What’s Next

Bex would love to continue to be an author and have a series of books.  She would also love to speak and be a mentor to younger women.  Her messages: “You are enough and you are meant for more.” “You are not put here to be average.  You are put here to be extraordinary in whatever way you can”.

I got SO many take-aways from our short conversation, but I narrowed it down to these:

“You are not defined by the things that happened to you.”

 “There are opportunities for greatness in every single moment. For everybody.”

 “Luck happens all of the time….it’s a matter of having your eyes open to the opportunity.“

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