Update on my book...

I am away on vacation this week, but just wanted to give you guys an update.  Those of you that know me or have checked out my website, know that I am writing a book.  I attended a writers workshop,  and was eligible to submit my proposal to Hay House for a contest to win a publishing contract, so I did.  But, I didn’t win. 

While I didn’t put all of my eggs in this basket, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed.  But, of course, there is a lesson here.  And after 24 hours of letting it sink in, I have embraced it.  Because it wasn’t meant to be.  Winning the contest isn’t my path to getting my book “out there”.   It’s as simple as that.  And when the time is right, the right opportunity for me will present itself.  I included this quote from Jack Canfield because he has said that he submitted the proposal for Chicken Soup for the Soul to 144 publishing companies, all of whom turned it down.  The 145th publishing company said yes.  Now, I don't necessarily want to hear 144 "no thank you's", but if he gave up after 20, he wouldn't have been able to share his book with the world.  So, that is motivating me and giving me hope.  I'm not ready to give up yet!

I have submitted my proposal to a few publishing companies, but this just means I will have to focus more time and research and submit my proposal to a lot more.  And when all else fails, I can always self-publish. But I am going to do this first and see where it leads.  I will keep you posted :)