My guest blogging gig...


I am feeling very blessed and grateful to have been given the opportunity to guest blog for the incredible Dr. Shefali.  She is a frequent guest on Oprah and the resident parent expert. 

by Guest Blogger, Meghan S. Phillips

I am deeply passionate about raising children to become in-tune with their authentic selves and live in alignment with their true purpose and desires. In fact, I feel so strongly about it, I am going to write a book about it.

Needless to say, I have been deeply influenced by Dr. Shefali and her seminal work on conscious parenting. After becoming familiar her work, I have come to realize that at teaching our children to fall into line with their true selves starts with us and that this is an inside job. Now, this can be a little scary at first. But when you take time to digest this and wrap your head around it, it makes perfect sense. How can you guide your children on an enlightened path when you are still carrying around all this unresolved baggage?

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