Welcome 2016

new year 2016.jpg

Happy New Year!  I have finished my book proposal (for the most part) so I have had some time to really think about the upcoming New Year and my intentions for it.  In looking forward to my intentions for 2016, I had to reflect a bit.  The past year was crazy (I think I say that every year).   We bought a house and moved last January, my daughter started a new school and I got serious about writing my book.  We had lots of changes.  My intentions for 2016 have to do with altering the lens through which I view my life and the changes that occur (expectedly or unexpectedly), and the way in which I view the world in general.  This will help me become a better person and, in turn, a better parent.

“When you chose to perceive love over fear, life begins to flow” ~Gabrielle Bernstein

“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love” ~Marianne Williamson

This is something I am consciously working on this year.  I blogged about parenting from fear in October and it is something I have to work on daily.  We have been so programmed to look at life through the lens of fear that it becomes our default.  And, for me, that’s what comes naturally to me.  I have to work at shifting from fear to love.  And it does take work. I need to make the shift in almost every aspect of my life.  From daily decisions and choices I make and my kids make, to more global things like terrorist attacks.  Here are a few ways I am making the shift:

1.     I don’t watch the news or read the newspaper.  This triggers my fear response because there is nothing positive on the news or in the paper.  Eliminating these two things has made a big difference for me.

2.     I have stopped reading US Weekly and People magazine.  And I was slightly addicted to these.  I would check both websites multiple times a day.  I stopped cold turkey about a week ago after listing to Dr. Christiane Northrup (a Hay House author) talk about how to create a joy-filled life.  If I’m being honest, I do miss them.  But the truth is, those magazines are gossip, and me getting enjoyment out of reading gossip about celebrities wasn’t saying a whole lot about me. 

3.     I won’t watch violent or scary movies.  I am extremely affected by things I read, see and watch.  When I watch movies with lots of killing or violence, I dream about it and think about it after it’s over.  It sticks with me.  So I decided to cut the movies and TV shows out that elicit a negative response in me.  

4.     I keep a gratitude journal.  A good way to shift fear-based thinking is to focus on all the things we have and are thankful for.  I got an app on my phone (gratitude 365, and it’s free!) that I write down, everyday, the things I am grateful for. 

The above four things help to shift my mind-set from fear and lack, to love and abundance.  They help change that lens from which I view the world. 

“It’s time to let go, be guided and expect miracles” ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

I tend to want to control things, so moving into next year I am really focusing on letting go and moving into “allowing”.  I do what I can, and then I need to not get caught up in every detail and trust that the universe has my back.   Trust that things will unfold the way they are meant to.  A few things that help me to do this are:

1.     Meditation-I tried mediating a while ago by just being “quiet”.  I have a hard time with this, because my mind just takes off.  I recently found some programs that contain music.   The music contains certain “beats” that help to put your mind in a deeply relaxed state.  My mind still wanders, but the music helps to keep me focused on just relaxing.  I also use guided meditations sometimes which helps keep my mind from drifting. 

2.     Reiki- Reiki is a healing energy that uses a simple hands-on method with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person.  It is very relaxing and stress reducing.  You can find circles that are led by trained practitioners for a nominal donation. 

Both meditation and Reiki help me to get quiet, calm and centered.  When I am able to get quiet and centered I feel connected and at peace.  Only then am I able to ask for guidance and trust that it will be given. 

These are my intentions for an amazing 2016 full of joy, peace and abundance. What are yours?