My Interview with Rebekah Borucki of

My Interview with Rebekah Borucki of

I had a zoom chat recently with the amazing Rebekah Borucki, founder of   I stumbled upon one of Rebekah’s four-minute meditations on youtube a few months ago.  I watched one on anxiety and it helped.  I then got sucked into the vortex of youtube, checked out a ton of her meditation videos then ended up on   I snooped around and signed up for the Bliss Notes newsletter.  I loved the content.   I connected with it.  There is information from mediation, nutritional information and recipes to a mantra challenge.  I joined her Xen Bliss Community Facebook page too.  Rebekah “Bex” Borucki is one of the most inspiring thought-leaders today because she’s real.  Here is a glimpse into our conversation chock full of inspiring nuggets.

My guest blogging gig...


I am feeling very blessed and grateful to have been given the opportunity to guest blog for the incredible Dr. Shefali.  She is a frequent guest on Oprah and the resident parent expert. 

by Guest Blogger, Meghan S. Phillips

I am deeply passionate about raising children to become in-tune with their authentic selves and live in alignment with their true purpose and desires. In fact, I feel so strongly about it, I am going to write a book about it.

Needless to say, I have been deeply influenced by Dr. Shefali and her seminal work on conscious parenting. After becoming familiar her work, I have come to realize that at teaching our children to fall into line with their true selves starts with us and that this is an inside job. Now, this can be a little scary at first. But when you take time to digest this and wrap your head around it, it makes perfect sense. How can you guide your children on an enlightened path when you are still carrying around all this unresolved baggage?

To Read more, check out her website and my guest blog at:


Kindness heals

I've been posting a lot lately on facebook and instagram about kindness.  As I continue to write my book and work toward being an enlightened, awakened being and trying to raise conscious kids who are in-tune with their highest selves, I always come back to kindness.  I think kindness, along with empathy, is at the root of it all.

When you are feeling stuck, when you are doubting yourself and your faith, stop and open your heart.  Help someone.  Smile at someone in the grocery store.  Give up your spot on line to someone who is in a rush.  Hold the door.  It is really very simple.  You could be the only one who smiles at that person today.  Or you could be the only one who holds the door or helps carry their groceries.  We don't know what others are going through and something that takes very little effort on our part can be the thing that gets someone else through their day. 

If we are stuck, practicing kindness can be the thing we need to shift us from doubt to faith, from fear to allowing, from lack to abundance and from complaining to feeling grateful.   But there is also a much larger picture here.  Love and kindness heals.  It not only heals us as individuals, but it can heal the world.  I am reading "A Course in Miracles Made Easy", by Alan Cohen.  I just finished chapter 9 which is titled "The End of Suffering".  In this chapter he talks about hearing an analogy about Hitler.  Hitler was raised by an alcoholic father and mentally ill mother.  Imagine the dysfunction with which he was raised.  The speaker was asking the audience to imagine someone showing little Adolph love, kindness and compassion.  Those acts of kindness and love could have been what he needed to offset his path of hate and destruction.  The second, equally important point, was that Hitler alone did not kill millions of people.  Millions of soldiers collaborated in his evil, and millions of others stood by.   "The problem was not one crazed man.  The problem was that a nation followed him".  When I read that quote, it hit me.  People are living in fear and fear is taking over.  We follow and go along with others in power because we are scared.  Hating others because we are fearful is not the answer.  Hate breeds more hate.  Love.  Compassion.  Kindness.  These are the answers and the starting place.  Kindness can change the course.  And it starts with each one of us.  We don't have to save the world.  As Alan Cohen says, "Your assignment is the piece of the world you touch".  Let's all start there and see what unfolds.  

Unexpected Opportunities

Unexpected Opportunities

Hey everyone!  It has been a while since my last blog… life has been a bit crazy!

A lot of you have heard that I have started working with a company, Life’s Abundance, and their new nutrition line.  I loved the products and the quality ingredients so much that I became a field representative.  SO out of my comfort zone!  I have recently started to be more selective about what I eat and what my kids eat. 

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

I was surfing around Facebook today (Thursday 2/11) and came across this quote by the amazing actor Giancarlo Esposito:

“Change is good. It happens when the universe is putting us in a different place so that we can see it from a new perspective. It challenges us to go further than we've been before.”

There is irony in this quote today, of all days.