I started writing a book a few years ago, put it down for a while and recently picked it back up again.  And I am all in!

What I Wish For You: Helping our Kids Discover Their Authentic Selves” is the current title of my book.  I have been working with kids and parents for 12 years.  I am also a mother.  My book is about making small shifts in parenting so we don't limit our kids unintentionally.  It is about parenting with consciousness so our kids grow up with an awareness of what their true desires are and, ultimately, discover their own purpose.  Adults try to figure this out in adulthood, and the premise of the book is to help foster this in our children, through the law of attraction and making small shifts as parents. Each chapter discusses a theme that needs some shifting with a self-reflection exercise at the end of each chapter.  In making these small shifts and raising children who are present, in-tune and living authentically, by default, the world becomes a more loving, kind, compassionate, peaceful, non-judgmental, place.